Haigslea Uniting Church

Recently, due to the Covid 19 isolation restrictions, like many other places, all of our Worship Centres have been closed until further notice. However, the Haigslea Church and congregation had already made plans for closing as a Congregation altogether.

A Service of Dissolution + Closure had been planned for Sunday, March 29th, 2020 but needed to be cancelled when we were all directed to cease our public worship and fellowship gatherings from March 18th.

Fortunately, Rev Peter Taubner was able to record a short message that can be accessed below. There is slightly longer version available that includes some photos and extra footage, and a link to that video will be placed here as soon as possible but this edited version gives you an idea of what might have happened on that day. 

The location of the Haigslea Uniting Church:
Haigslea-Malabar Road, Haigslea, Qld 4306.
Adjacent to Highway – between Ipswich + Marburg.
See Map below for further orientation and directions.

The map below can be adjusted to suit your needs in locating the Church property.